William Wordsworth lived at Dove Cottage, Grassmere, with his sister Dorothy from 1799, where he wrote much of his famous poetry. When his sister married he moved out of the cottage and eventually into Rydal Mount near Ambleside, not only to accommodate his growing family but to receive his many visitors. Both Grassmere and Windermere lakes can be seen from the grounds. William designed the layout of the gardens at Rydal, and it’s said he often claimed that the outside space and his special writing-hut in the garden was his office, as opposed to any of the spacious rooms inside the house. Wordsworth lived at Rydal Mount until his death in 1850.
The property was actually acquired in 1969 by Mary Henderson (née Wordsworth), William’s great great granddaughter. It remains in the ownership of the Wordsworth family, and has been opened to the public since 1970.  It is currently operated as a writer’s home museum.