Palomino Sky

palomino-sky-coverPart Two of Midnight Sky

James is still running from the past after the loss of his wife, and a devastating accident forces him to face his final demons, but at what cost? Laura is forced deeper into his rural world – a life she once despised – but discovers empathy and hope in the palomino mare she calls Song.

Repercussions abound for Maggie too, when the full extent of her daughter’s dangerous liaison comes to light, leaving the entire family in turmoil. Will James and Laura ever find a golden future, or has life dealt too vicious a blow?

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“This is a perfect sequel, carrying on the story with the same engrossing pace, but for new readers expertly delivering enough information so it works well as a stand alone. James and Laura’s relationship continues to flourish, even though they are dogged by outside forces, much from their own extended families. There’s more of the Welsh landscape, culture and setting in this book than in the first in the series, and for me it adds another level to the story. There’s more horsey detail too, which I found deeply touching. This author knows a thing or two about horses and it shines through in her writing. And somehow, for me, in this book Laura has a real, believable, epiphany. She realises through her interaction with the horses, how to conquer fear, and how to mend broken hearts and broken lives, and also comes to understand much of what she really wants is something she has rebelled against for a long time.
In fact there’s a lot of human emotion and understanding of human spirit cleverly concealed within this story. That takes not only writing talent but a lot of human empathy. The plot gallops along, adding twists along the way, but always in the security of excellent writing.”

Gillian E Hamer, Author, founder of Triskele Books & columnist for Words with Jam Magazine.

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