A Short Way From Home

short-way-from-home-coverWhat to do About Clara?
The certainty of old love, or the uncertainty of new? Frankie has two women in his life and he needs to make a choice.

Over The Moon.
It’s Pattie’s birthday, but will all her wishes come true?  Events are planned, but Pattie simply longs to escape, preferably to the man next door!

Two Hearts One Soul.
Celtic fantasy, inspired by the many Druid circles and standing stones scattered across the Welsh hillsides. The bond of a twin can never be broken, not even by death. Belief is a powerful, invisible tool.

A Piece of Cake.
Alpha male thinks he’s in control, but the day brings some surprising revelations! Lead sixteen ramblers along an easy section of the coastal path. It should have been easy, but saving his life at the same time, made for a more challenging route.

Adam is flawed, obsessed by Eve and his search for the unattainable. Can new love and a new beginning re-write his future or will he succumb yet again to the lure of forbidden fruit?

A Short Way From Home.
Age is just a number, until it catches up with you.

Christmas Present.
Flash Fiction. Christmas spirit; is it a present, or a presence?  Some poignant thoughts about family and the pride of those elderly and alone

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“Quirky’ and ‘evocative’ seem odd words to find together in a description of a story, but that’s this author’s great achievement: she succeeds in portraying utterly believable and familiar human relationships against a background of rich, earthy geographical location. We can see the mist-wreathed North Welsh hills, smell the soil and the rain. The opening story, What To Do About Clara?, is a sad and funny tale of marital faithlessness crowned with an ending as completely right as it’s unexpected. Middle age comes up against youth in Over The Moon, while Celtic mysticism saturates the tragic Two Hearts, One Soul. The collection’s high point, A Piece Of Cake, introduces physical danger and bawdy, almost Tom Sharpesque farce to a very British account of a man’s midlife crisis. Christmas Present, the punningly titled final story, is the shortest, yet packs an astonishing range of emotion into its two pages.” Tim Stevens, author.