A Long Way From Home

long-way-from-home-coverHome Sweet Home.
Only it’s not always sweet, or homely. Callum doesn’t do sweet. Mel doesn’t do homely. Sometimes the world of fantasy is actually the right one, and the facts are less important.

A Long Way from Home.
A wedding in Wales doesn’t turn out as the father of the bride expects.
Mal’s a good bloke really, surely it was his time for some karma?

Home is Where the Heart is.
Unless it’s out of town. Never mix love and business. Just when Morgan thinks he’s lost it all, he finds a happy ending. 

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“Jan Ruth really does know how to tug at the emotions of her readers and I’m not just talking about the romantic side. Two of these stories have a darker touch with the cleverly written Home Sweet Home in particular being one to make you think.” A Woman’s Wisdom Reviews.
“This is a lovely collection of stories with a romantic theme though not all heart and flowers. The author lets us think we know what’s going on…” Ignite (Top 500 Amazon reviewer)

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