It’s Who We Are

518ZaAHSR7L._SY346_Five characters in their fifties are poised to begin the next chapter in their lives; all of them carrying emotional baggage representing how they’ve lived, how they’ve loved and who they’ve lost. Originally connected through childhood Minty, Wendy, Philip, Michael, and Julian find themselves drawn together once again through a sequence of connected events. Then a secret revealed by Wendy’s daughter, Hannah, exposes all five friends to a potentially life-changing situation which none of them could have predicted. Budding relationships are held on ice, as the truth has the potential to destroy everything they know about each other and perhaps, more importantly, everything they know and understand about themselves.
Set in London, Ireland, and Norfolk, the background is generally one of affluence – other than Michael, the priest – and touches on the appreciation of literature, good food and wine, careers in business and the entertainment industry. There’s a lot going on in this book and many characters, so much so that I initially jotted down the names and relationships as they were introduced, but the intricate plotting and the story concept is original and well-crafted, and I especially enjoyed the tension build to the mid-point. There’s another neat plot twist towards the end, just when we think all is lost. Overall this is an uplifting novel about later life-choices and the value of friendships, all themes which will appeal to a mature reader.


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