Once Upon A Lie

51YZ425tbhL._SY346_Clare and Lorraine have been best friends since college days. Now in their forties, it’s all about careers and families. Lorraine falls pregnant easily, but is without a steady partner. Clare is married to dependable Sam but cannot carry a baby full term and has suffered numerous miscarriages – and Sam is beginning to feel the strain as much as his wife. Despite this, Clare and Sam – Godparents to Lorraine’s children – are happy to accept the children for a sleepover. But while Lorraine is away at a spa with her mother, the unthinkable happens. Baby Theo is discovered dead. Friendships are torn apart, the police are called, lies are told in order to protect the innocent and every relationship is strained to break point. It’s only many years later when Sam discovers some vital evidence, that the shocking truth is revealed. I raced through this. The pace is good, the characters relatable. The clues as to what really happened to Theo and who was responsible are subtly interwoven into the fabric of the story from the beginning. And although I did guess the outcome as the story reached its conclusion, it didn’t spoil the enjoyment. A good thriller with plenty of character as well as plot.


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