The Other Wife

51186869._SX318_SY475_Pregnant Suzy is married to controlling Nick. She admits she’s done a bad thing and her penance is to allow Nick to move them out of London to the Kent countryside in an isolated cottage, leaving behind her job, her friends and the buzz of London. Her only neighbour is lonely, widowed Nora and sensing a vague kinship, a friendship ensues. But Nora has her own backstory and isn’t quite who she seems to be. Before too long Suzy is not only confined by Nick’s behaviours, but by an increasingly complex trail of linked events.
Elle, the ex-concert pianist who has enjoyed a dazzling past career struggles with anxiety and anger. A woman who gave up everything for a handsome man, someone who eventually betrayed and destroyed her. When all of these pasts collide, Suzy finds herself trapped – in all senses of the word, as Elle rises from the ashes of her past to finally seek revenge.
This is a complex, domestic-thriller written in time-slips and from multiple viewpoints allowing just the right information to be drip-fed to the reader at just the right time, creating some interesting tension. The main characters are dysfunctional and unlikeable, but this plot wouldn’t work with even one of them presenting as honest and upstanding. I did think the females were occasionally a little too manipulated by the males, especially as to how one particular character could fool so many people about his fairly high-profile job and there were one or two other tiny issues, but these reservations didn’t spoil what was a great read of human failings; murder, secrets, betrayal, and lies.

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