Daughters of the Lake

24715963A Classy, Contemporary Family Drama.
Eager to celebrate an anniversary and announce her news, Madalena requests the company of her four adult children and their respective partners to her hotel in majestic Switzerland. These relationships are mightily dysfunctional and complex. The reasons behind the indifference between self-obsessed Portia and her neurotic, flat-chested pianist sister, Vienne; Annie’s sexual confusion and Lawrences’ loss of direction in life, are slowly unravelled. The arrival of Portia’s confused thirteen-year-old daughter –  expelled from school – adds to the discord as old family secrets threaten to implode.
I’m not sure I really liked any these people but I was desperately interested in their plight! I thought some of the narrative a little dialogue heavy here and there, and perhaps some of the revelations were not fully explored as the number of characters and the plot tended to take over. A lot of characters are introduced fairly early on so one needs to pay attention and I admit to starting this one a couple of times. Overall though, I really enjoyed the book and intend to seek other works by this author.