In The Chair 57: Louise Wise

Merry Christmas, Louise Wise!


How would you describe your Christmas in only three words?  Louise: Run (for) your life.

(I know that’s four words, but if you say it quickly it sounds like three!). I’m a bargain hunter and little frugal. I’ve a gingerbread house that’s in its tenth year! But I do go overboard at Christmas. Imagine a tacky Santa’s grotto—that’s my house.

If you could have a relationship with a literary festive character who would it be and why?

Louise: Scrooge (who’d have thought!). So I could nail the three ghosts and keep the miserable old bugger a miserable old bugger. People like him are needed to keep the self-righteous in smugland, because we, in turn, need the smug (aka do-gooders) to tell us how to do things correctly so that, God forbid, we might just cross a road without waiting for the Green Man!

If you had to exist for a week in a Christmas story … which one would it be?

imagesLouise: Exist for a week? A whole week? Are you kidding me! All that festive goo and cheer and people being nice and stuff? Eeeeooow.  Got it… Grinch! Jim Cary’s zany sense of humour would have me rocking with laughter so I’d like to be Mrs Grinch (or bit-on-the-side-Grinch).

Dead or alive literary Christmas lunch: who would you invite, and what would you serve? 

dean-koontz-dean-koontz-i-have-avoided-becoming-stale-by-putting-aLouise: Dean Koontz – for his intense writing skill and I’d pick his brain and hang on to his every word and probably annoy the hell out of him. William Shakespeare – because I can never understand why he’s a ‘great’. Charles Dickens – because he WAS a great. Virgina Wolf and Jane Austin because they look like you could have a really girly laugh with them. Terry Pratchett – just because. Terry Deary (Horrible Histories) – because he got my kids interested in books, and I figure I owe him a lunch. And what would I cook? Well, it would have to be the traditional turkey with all the trimmings. Everyone hates it but you have to eat it because Father Christmas said so—oops, mother talking again!

If you had to write a Christmas themed story in your current genre, what would the title be?

Louise: I always thought my genre was stories with a romantic twist but as I’ve developed as a writer, I’ve realised my stories, be them romance or sci-fi, have a loneliness theme. So, the title for my Christmas theme story would have to be: Lonely this Christmas—Bah Humbug.

What do you dislike the most about Christmas?

Louise: When it’s over. Yes, seriously, I love Christmas. The rushing to get everything ready in time for that one day, the present buying, the panic buying of crap presents at 5 pm on Christmas eve, the binge drinking and eating, rubbish TV, and I suppose, without sounding too cheesy, family get-togethers.

xmas author picFavourite festive word?

Louise: Jolly! Only Miranda Hart can say ‘jolly’ throughout the year.

Louise Wise was in the Christmas chair: Web:

A last word from Mrs wise words…


51gylqx66lPast events can be changed but one must be careful of how one does it because it’ll impact on the rest of one’s life.’—Dáire Quin, Modify your Destiny if you Must, 2003. No one saw Julie’s car leave the road, no one saw her crash into the watery ditch, no one saw the gnarled tree branch pierce through the window screen and impale her to her seat. No one heard her screams. Yet, this was the beginning of Julie’s life. Julie Compton, is a forty-something woman, striving for success in a male dominated business world. She thinks she’s made it. She thinks she has it all. Trouble is, her destiny has been travelling in the wrong direction and Julie is now forced to relive her life by occupying people’s bodies from her past in a time-travel, paranormal adventure.

For readers who enjoyed books like ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ and ‘The Lovely Bones’.

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  1. I’m glad to see Louise has entered into the ludcrous photo club!!! As for the buying of crap presents at 5pm on Christmas Eve – it’s taken me 5 years to stop my husband doing this 🙂

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