In The Chair 56: Kelly Florentina

Merry Christmas, Kelly Florentia!


How would you describe your Christmas in only three words? 

Kelly: Sparkles. Friendship. Expensive.

If you could have a relationship with a literary festive character who would it be and why?

Kelly: It would have to be The Ghost of Christmas Past as I like to learn from the errors of my ways and evolve. But also, I’d like to be reminded of the things I did correctly so that I can mirror them in the future or pass them onto anyone who may need my help.  I’m a firm believer in personal growth (at any age and any stage of life).

If you had to exist for a week in a Christmas story … which one would it be?

Kelly: A Christmas Carol. I’m fascinated by time travel and would love to be teleported to the 19th century. It would be amazing to see how people coped without all the modern facilities we have at hand. I’m sure that I would appreciate our ancestors a lot more if I could experience what they went through and how they coped.

Profiteroles-560-x-730_51ef83e544c0c792cd004e7fdf2d1420 Dead or alive literary Christmas lunch: who would you invite, and what would you serve?

Kelly: Oscar Wilde. I’d serve him a traditional Christmas lunch, I think, with all the trimmings. I’d introduce him to Elderflower Bellinis and we’d scoff profiteroles in front of the T.V. while watching Strictly Christmas Special. After a game of Scrabble, I’d pick his brains for writing tips. I hope he’ll teach me how to write clever, witty meaningful prose which will result in my first best seller!

If you had to write a Christmas themed story in your current genre, what would the title be?  Kelly: Mr and Mrs Christmas.
……be careful what you wish for.

Kelly_ChistmasWhat do you dislike the most about Christmas?

Kelly: Buying presents. Don’t get me wrong, I do love buying people gifts. I love the whole experience of thinking about what they’d like, their tastes etc., but I always go over my budget, then I worry that they won’t like it! I’m relieved on Christmas morning when I’m given the thumbs up (I usually am).  Not sure if this is relevant but I also don’t like the fact that people send eCards instead of paper ones (or don’t send them at all!). I know it’s expensive (stamps) and time consuming (writing 30 cards is thirsty work), and, of course, it is their prerogative, but I love Christmas cards. For me, they’re a part of the decs (I’m minimalistic). Christmas is a time for love and friendship. I love sifting through my pile (I always buy charity ones) and choosing a fitting card for each person. And I love that warm, glowy feeling I get as I think of the recipient while I scribble away in their card. I equally adore getting cards. It’s as if I’m receiving a little bit of fairy dust through the letterbox. Magical.

MistletoeFavourite Festive Word?  

Kelly: MISTLETOE (kissing is scrumptious).

Kelly Florentia was in the Christmas chair. Author of: To Tell A Tale or Two & The Magic Touch. Published by Accent Press.



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