In The Chair 2: John Hudspith

Welcome, John Hudspith

How would you describe your writing style in only three words?

John: Imaginative. Tight. Irreverent.


If you could have a relationship with one of your fictional characters who would it be and why?

John: Patina from the Kimi books. With eyes that change colour every two minutes and the ability to store 100 secretaries up her skirt, what’s not to love?

If you had to exist for a week in one of your books … which would it be? Would you be a central character or simply watch the story unfold from the sidelines?

John: Kimi’s Fear – Heart is such a beautiful place, what with the talking monkeys and roast dodo on the menu. Oh, and I’d play God.

Dead or alive literary dinner party: who would you invite, and what would you serve?

John: Charles Dickens, Mark Gatiss, Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie. I’d serve suckling pig and sticky ribs with jam roly-poly in chocolate custard and yard-arms of raspberry cider. A grand hoot would be had.


 If you had to write in a different genre which would it be and why?

John: A few of my writers keep urging me to write erotica. You’d blow the rest away, they say. Maybe I would. Maybe I will.

What do you dislike the most about being an author?

John: Writer’s arse.

Favourite word?

John: Discombobulated.

John Hudspith was in the chair: author of Kimi’s Secret, Kimi’s Fear. 



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